About Heather

Heather Bruce has been an acupuncture consultant/naturopath/herbalist / lifestyle counsellor since 1979.

Her key interests are in all levels of natural healing, health and well-being, especially in exploring the nature of disease and its contribution to our life tapestry.

As the only woman acupuncturist in Brisbane city in the late 1970’s she developed ways of assisting women who had no intent of ever seeing a man practitioner – sexual abuse being the elephant in most gyne/emotional distress and digestive/life problems.

This unspoken issue needs airing. Acceptance that it happened. Awareness of how crucial it is to undo .

She found many ways to assist. Once What Lies Beneath was uncovered – life could return to some semblance of normal.

Her own natural health questing path started in a different direction.

She wanted her then newborn son (1977) to not follow his dad down the path of chronic lifetime ill health. Asthma avoidance was the first step.

His dad was severely afflicted. He had been not well all of his life.

This new mum wanted more than hoping for the best for her baby.

Concurrently training as a naturopath, a herbalist and a massage/lymph/soft tissue worker, she set out to find answers to questions rarely asked. She did not take ‘no’ lightly.

In 1981 Heather co-designed co-wrote and taught in the new college that eventually became Endeavor.
Along the decades she has been a force to be reckoned with – in any apparently ‘hopeless’ scenario.

Heather developed her skills helping people who were considered “difficult cases” by colleagues and the medical profession.

She quickly realised that there is no standard treatment that works for everyone and learnt to investigate and heal the underlying causes of problems by observing and listening to her patients’ life stories.


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